What are Safety Signs?

Signs are an effective tool to keep people safe. If you manage a property, business, institution, or organization, you need effective safety signs.

Uses for Safety Signs

Signs can promote safety in a number of ways. Safety signs warn clients, customers, staff, and passersby of potential hazards, remind people to socially distance and they encourage safe behavior more generally.

Types of Safety Signs

Some common safety signs include:

  • Signs that point to emergency exits
  • “Authorized Staff Only” signs
  • Signs that indicate nearby construction
  • “Danger Keep Out” signs
  • “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs
  • “Danger High Voltage” signs
  • Various parking lot signs
  • And more!

Every business will need safety signs that are unique to their work and location. A construction firm will need a wide variety of safety signs, whereas a retail store will need comparatively few.

Why Choose us for Safety Signs?

Safety signs need to be able to communicate with everybody, especially those with disabilities. That means safety signs must comply with ADA regulations. It’s also wise to customize your safety signs to your business as much as possible.  East Coast Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable safety signs for clients. Contact us to learn more!