What are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs can encompass any sign that is found in lobbies, but they most commonly refer to signs that display the name, logo, and/or slogan of a business inside its lobby.

Uses for Lobby Signs

Lobby signs often state the name of the business that owns the lobby, provide directions, indicate where the reception desk is, and more. Some lobby signs promote the business and brand the space. It’s important to have lobby signs that are on-brand. If you manage a hotel on the East Coast, you want the signs in your lobby to use the same font and colors that are consistent with your brand.

Types of Lobby Signs

If you manage a business or buildingthat has a lobby, some options for your lobby signs include:

Why Choose us for Lobby Signs?

Choosing the right type of lobby sign for yourbusiness is tough. We can make you the attractive, on-brand, and durable lobby sign that you need. East Coast Sign & Graphics can design, manufacture, and install the right lobby sign for your business. Contact us for more information!