What is Fleet Rebranding?

Vehicle graphics, lettering, or wraps can turn your work vehicle into a mobile billboard. This is especially true if your East Coast business employs a fleet of vehicles. But occasionally that fleet might need to be rebranded.

Uses for Fleet Rebranding

Fleet graphics not only turn all your vehicles into powerful promotional tools, they also make your work vehicles look more professional and more easily identifiable. But they only look more professional if they are uniform and up to date with your brand’s current image.

Types of Fleet Rebranding

Vehicle graphics and lettering are great for smaller-scale signs, as are magnets. But if you want to go all out, choose a vehicle wrap. If you buy your work vehicles secondhand, you will need to install graphics on them or rebrand them if they already have graphics on them. Furthermore, an East Coast business might decide they need to rebrand, either because of a merger, or just for a refresh.

Why Choose us for Fleet Rebranding?

We can make fleet graphics that are not only designed well but that are also durable and won’t damage the finish on your vehicles. From taxi companies, to home cleaning companies, to rental truck businesses, we can rebrand any type of fleet you have on the East Coast. At East Signs & Graphics, we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect graphics for your fleet of vehicles. Contact us today to learn more!