What are Floor Graphics?

Floor GraphicsWalls and windows are traditional surfaces on which you can install graphics, and they are effective.  However, they are not your only options. Sometimes installing graphics on your floor offers the biggest rewards!

Uses for Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be used to convey promotional or functional information. For example, a Myrtle Beach business can use floor graphics to brand their lobby. On the more functional side, adepartment store can use floor graphics to provide directional information to their customers. Floor graphics can also be used for motivational purposes or to encourage physical distancing.

Types of Floor Graphics

Floor GraphicsTo brand a space, use floor graphics with your business’s name, logo, or slogan. Arrows and words make for effective directional floor graphics. Social Distancing floor graphics often use images of footprints spaced six-feet apart.

Why Choose us for Floor Graphics?

The biggest worry customers have when it comes floor graphics is durability. Will they peel off the floor? Will they scuff up easily? Will they damage the floor? We only use high-quality materials for floor graphics that are scuff-resistant and will not damage your floor. East Coast Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable floor graphics for clients on the East Coast. Contact us to learn more!