What is Corporate Image Signage?

The corporate image your project is essential to your success. You might think this is only true for multinational conglomerates, but that’s not the case. Whether you manage an office branch in Myrtle Beach for a large company or a mom-and-pop store in Murrells Inlet, your image is your identity. And nothing conveys your image better than your signage.

Uses for Corporate Image Signage

You can project your corporate image via signage in two different ways. One is with patently commercial signage. For example, a large colorful building sign that identifies a Myrtle Beach office. But you can also convey your corporate image in functional signage such as wayfinding signs and parking lot signs. It’s all about the fonts, colors, materials, and designs you choose.

Types of Corporate Image Signage

You can convey your corporate image with signage such as: acrylic signs, LED & digital signs, metal signs, monument signschannel letter signs, cabinet signs, ceiling graphics, wall graphics, wall murals, and more.

Why Choose us for Corporate Image Signage?

From large offices with hundreds of employees to small retail stores, we know corporate image signage. East Coast Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture and even install the perfect corporate image signage that precisely evokes the qualities of your brand. Contact us to learn more!