Post & Arm with HDU Panel Sign

What are Post & Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs are named for what they are. The sign panel is usually rectangular or circular and is held in place by the post (or posts). Post and panel signs are popular outdoor signs for property management, parking lot signs and real estate signage.

Uses for Post & Panel Signs

Post and panel signs make for great yard signs, parking lot signs,campaign signs, and custom real estate signs. They can be used to identify businesses and properties, to promote events, or to provide wayfinding and parking information.

Types of Post & Panel Signs

Vinyl, wood, plastic, high-density urethane, and foam core are all popular materials for the sign panels of post and panel signs.The posts are often wood or metal. The sign panel can be attached directly to the crossbar or it can be suspended via wire, rope, or chain.

Why Choose Us for Post & Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs can use different shapes, materials, and designs. We can create the best custom post and panel sign for you, whether you’re a realtor or work for a property management organization. East Coast Signs & Graphics can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable post and panel signs. Contact us to learn more!