What is a Real Estate Sign?

Real Estate SignSigns are important for all businesses. However, few businesses rely on signage as much as realtors do. Real estate signs advertise properties for sale and properties that have recently been sold.

Uses for Real Estate Signs

The traditional real estate sign is still the most effective way to advertise a property for sale. Real estate signs can be used for both residential and commercial properties.

Types of Real Estate Signs

For residential houses, real estate signs are usually placed on the front lawn. These can be simple, metal poles holding the sign panel in place, or more substantial wooden or metal post-and-panel signs. For commercial properties without yards, a window sign is often the best type of real state sign.

Why Choose Us for Real Estate Signs?

At East Coast Signs & Graphics, we know the real estate market can be very competitive. You need great-looking and durable real estate signs. Whether you focus on residential or commercial real estate, or both, we can make top-quality real estate signs for you.  We can design a custom real estate sign that speaks to the unique qualities and successes of you as a realtor. We can handle quick turnaround times and we use only high-quality materials. Contact us for more info!