What is Building Signage?

Building SignageAs a term, “building signage” sounds incredibly vague. And it can cover a broad variety of signage. Technically, you could refer to any sign installed on the exterior wall of a building as a “building sign”. In practice, the term is applied more narrowly. Building signage is typically used to identify the building on which it is installed. As part of a sign system across multiple interconnected buildings, building signage is commonly referred to as “architectural signage”.

Uses for Building Signage

Building signage is some of the most common exterior signage anywhere. Building signage is used to identify buildings. Beyond identification, building signage can also be used for promotion and branding.

Types of Building Signage

Metal is a popular material for building signage so aluminum, brass, or stainless steel are often used. Building signage could be made of 3D sign lettering or channel letters. Building signage can be found on everything from hotels to libraries on the East Coast.

Why Choose us for Building Signage?

What materials work for your budget? Where is the best place to install your building signage? Should you invest in lighted building signage?  East Coast Signs & Graphics can help you answer all these questions and make the ideal building signage for you. We can design, manufacture, and install building signage for clients on the East Coast. We ensure your building signage is eye-catching, cost-effective, and durable. Contact us to learn more!